Monday, July 11, 2011

Waiting is the Hardest Part!

When is the last time you waited for something you really wanted? Not just in terms of minutes, but in years? I know, I know, it seems like you've been waiting years for my next blog. So sorry Friends! In all seriousness, when I look back through my life, I can honestly say that the cliché “Good things come to those who wait” has proven itself true time and again.

Silly Example: I can get a meal in a few minutes from McDonalds and regret it for hours, or cook a Pioneer Woman recipe myself (yes, I am indeed obsessed), spend an hour or so preparing, and reap the delicious benefits. 

Anxiety-Inducing, Faith-Testing Example: I could have taken a job I didn’t love and knew I wasn’t meant to have simply for the sake of having one. I stepped out in faith and turned it down, waited all summer, and lo and behold 4th grade had an opening at the last minute! 

So-Glad-We-Waited Example: Once we decided to move, we wanted to move THAT DAY. We could have taken out 2 mortgages as so many people do. However, we waited 6 months until we sold our house before we frantically searched for our dream home. The timing was perfect for us to get a great deal. If we hadn’t waited, this house would not have been attainable. 

Mega life-changing example: Yet to be written. 

As you know, we are still waiting (2 years later) on God to bless us with a baby. We don’t know when it will happen or what that will look like. We are continuing to move forward with the DHS process and will have our first home study soon. We will hopefully get the parenting classes knocked out in August. I am also planning to have the “one last test” Dr. Reshef recommended and depending on the results, we may try for our own again someday when I’m ready. No, I don’t know how much longer we will be asked to wait on God’s timing, but I do know that when our family 
increases in number, the waiting will have made it that much more “good.”