Thursday, November 19, 2015

Footloose and Fancy Three...

Dearest Daughter,

As your daddy and I tucked you in tonight, I couldn't help but reflect on our past three years as a family. I can hardly believe you are three today. The years we spent waiting and praying for you are not lost on me. I never tire of thanking God for you. You are the best parts of us, all rolled into a spunky, brilliant, silly little girl.

The past two birthdays I have written you a long letter, but this year, I thought a little rhyme was more appropriate. Currently your favorite books to read all rhyme, and after reciting them to you every day, the rhyming has become kind of contagious.

Our start of year two was a little rough
Your sleeping schedule made it tough

Your transition to a big girl bed
Filled my heart with so much dread

You were stubborn in your potty training 
When you finally got it, you had us exclaiming

Your adoration for Cars grew every day
Though Momma hoped for princess play

You are able to recognize so many words
You can count to 20; it seems quite absurd

You continue to have books as your favorite toys
You'll read for hours, making no noise

You still pretend to be a cat when you feel shy
But deep down you are tough, and rarely cry

You lost Koda this year, your very best friend
"She's in heaven," you say. You help our hearts mend

You sing so sweetly to Jesus each day
My favorite part of each night is hearing you pray

You have brought us so much joy and laughter
I cannot wait to write our family's next chapter

I couldn't possibly imagine loving you more
I will cherish each moment until you turn four!