Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moving On

In just a few short days, we will be the proud owners of a new home. As we get ready to put our stamp on the vacant residence, I can’t help looking back at the one we are leaving behind. It is amazing the nostalgia that a house can trigger. It’s a HOUSE. But these walls and rooms have seen so much joy, laughter, and even pain. It is the first big purchase we made together. We’ve had Thanksgivings here, Christmas Eve celebrations, and birthday parties. I’ve gone from giving my niece bottles at our kitchen table to watching her run around my living room. We’ve imagined nurseries that might have been in our guest room, cried tears of sorrow as we hung on to each other for dear life in our bedroom. I’ve said many prayers sitting out on our porch, watching the sunset and praising God for the beauty of His creation. I’ve read amazing books while relaxing in our bathtub, and filled our closet to capacity with my shopping addiction. We’ve enjoyed talking with the casual acquaintances that we have made on this street; they have been so warm and welcoming. This house was always going to be a stepping stone – we knew that. We know that God is leading us on to bigger and better things. But we are also thankful for the blessings we are parting with, all the while keeping those irreplaceable memories packed away in our hearts.

Now, I have had a few people point out that I have yet to post my promised pictures of the new home on here. I haven’t because I figured that most people had seen them on Facebook. So sorry for the assumptions! Without further ado…

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  1. Your house is beautiful! I understand about the emotions of leaving your old house though. Even when we moved out of our tiny apartment in Germany I had lots of mixed feelings because there were so many memories made there. Just think of all the wonderful memories you will make in your new home!