Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crayon Time Machine

Do you ever have those instances when a memory is so clear and crisp it transports you back in time for just a moment? The smell of a rose always sends me to my Grandma’s house where a vase of fresh roses is as commonplace as the hummingbirds outside her window. There are many, many songs that trigger memories of different times in my life: high school graduation, a first date, road trips. There are kids in my class whose mannerisms are so like people from my past that for a moment I can see someone else standing in their place. Sometimes the memories are welcome, other times their intrusiveness and unexpectedness can bring you to your knees. Today, I experienced the latter.

I was teaching, walking the room, doing the same thing I do every day, looking at the same kids, the same everything. But for some reason, today, a box of Crayolas was my time machine. In the blink of an eye I was 9 years old again, jealously eyeing the girls around me with their big, fancy 64 count boxes of crayons. The other kids would go to them and ask to borrow one of their 10 shades of blue while I stared forlornly at my lowly 24 count box. When it came to school supplies, I ALWAYS got exactly what was on the list. No frills, no excess. Folders meant folders, not Trapper Keepers, and 24 count meant that anything more was unnecessary. I remember telling my mom way back then that someday I would buy MY kid the biggest box of crayons the store had so they could be “cool.” Problems are so simple as a kid…I’m sure that at 9, all I  knew was that one day I would get married and have babies because that’s what people do. Miscarriage was not in my vocabulary. Today, the crayons symbolized innocence...and a future that is just out of my grasp. 

We still have not decided exactly where we go from here. Adoption is still not an option unless anyone finds a few Gs floating around unclaimed. Fostering is not something that my husband feels comfortable with, therefore it is no longer on the table. We did make an appointment to see a different Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Supposedly-Best-Around (name will be changed upon meeting him).  On April 12th I will present him with my history and the results of the battery of tests that I have been put through…we’ll see if maybe he can unlock my medical mystery. If not, well, being an aunt will have to be enough. And you’d better believe that when Auntie takes my nieces school supply shopping, their box of crayons will be bigger than they are...


  1. If you adopt through Oklahoma DHS there is NO COST to you. The child even gets free child care til they are 18. You do not have to foster first to adopt through DHS. We looked into it. There isn't the long wait for a baby like I thought either. When a baby goes up for adoption they are placed with the best home for them 1st. So if you are a two parent home with good financial status you don't have to wait as long. I was amazed at how many baby's go up for adoption.
    If Eric is willing to foster to adopt you can decide to only foster children that are going up for adoption.
    Praying you find the right road for you guys.
    I know this was hard for us. James was completely against adoption until Tori was living with us and became his. Then there was no question when she did go up for adoption. He honestly didn't think he could love another persons child. God used foster for us because that's how he opened Jame's heart to Tori.

    We will keep praying for you guys. Tori talks about you all the time now since she has been praying for you. It's pretty cute.

  2. I have friends who adopted internationally and God provided every penny of the $25,000 through fundraisers. Money should not be a reason to stop you from considering adoption. "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27

  3. For those of you of the mom's of a student left me a 96 count box of crayons in my mailbox at school. It was such a touching gesture!