Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our Year in Pictures...Part 1

On this cold day, I was charitable enough to invite a homeless man to the Thunder game with me. ;-)
In other news, Addison discovered her love of polka dots!

Addison was the best Valentine's gift we've ever received! 

No pinching went on at our house...
But being force fed baby food was torture enough!

We celebrated our first Easter as a family! (Okay, TECHNICALLY this was March 31st. But everyone knows that Easter is supposed to be in April). 

Addison decided that rolling around with Zooey was the most fun thing she'd ever done!
We, as a family, committed to raising Addison in a Christ-like home during her baby dedication.


Addison gave Daddy his first Father's Day present!
And then an equally impressive gift...crawling!!

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