Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Those Magic Moments...

Parenting certainly has its moments:

That moment when your precious baby girl shows you the sippy cup she's drinking out of...and you don't remember pouring it for her. That is, within the last week.

That moment when you turn on a VeggieTales episode for your daughter and realize that you are the only one watching it, but you must see how it ends!

That moment when "We will never be THOSE PARENTS" bites you in the backside.

That moment when you know that if anyone could see the silly faces you are making and hear the ridiculous sounds coming from your mouth, they would think you were straight up crazy. And you don't care.

That moment when you recognize that you have been blabbering on about your child for so long, you don't even remember how long you've been talking. And you can't stop yourself. And you don't care.

That moment when you actually consider sleeping in the car so that you don't have to go through the whole traumatic car seat to crib and pajama transition.

That moment when you buy yet ANOTHER toy, despite knowing that the box will still be more interesting than the actual toy for at least a few more weeks.

That moment when you realize that the, "We have to go. It's past her bedtime," excuse from others (that you used to roll your eyes at) was not just an excuse.

That moment when the worst of moods lifts in an instant of beautiful, innocent laughter from your child.

That moment when you FINALLY get your daughter to sleep, hold your breath, tiptoe out, slllooowwwlllyyy shut the door, and then immediately miss her and wish she was back in your arms.

Magic Moments indeed...and may we all have many more in the coming year.

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