Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doctor Update #1

We went to the D&C follow-up visit on Wednesday afternoon. It was anticlimactic at best. For all of you wanting an update, it is as follows:

30 = # of minutes spent waiting to see Dr. Never Again
5 = # of minutes ACTUALLY spent seeing Dr. Never Again
4 = # of times Dr. Never Again used the phrase “bad luck”
4 = # of times he almost got punched in the face for using the aforementioned phrase
0 = # of times I cried
1 = # of times I ALMOST cried, especially upon hearing that he thinks the hospital lab “failed” to send off the baby for genetic testing
2 = # of weeks it will take to find out if the hospital did in fact fail (don’t ask me why)!
14 = # of days in those weeks that I will think about it with anger and resignation
14 = # of days in those weeks that I will use my steely resolve to NOT call and beg for results
Uncountable = # of people we have praying for and thinking about us
Immeasurable = # of ways in which we are blessed in this life

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