Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Flashy Thingy"

A fresh start. After loss, tragedy, and pain, isn’t this what we all seek to find? Everyone tries to find it in their own way. A new haircut, a new style, or in our case, a move across town. Wouldn’t a fresh start be easier if we just had one of those “flashy thingies” used in Men in Black (known as Neuralizers to all the true fans out there)? A burst of light and BOOM, the memories of the pain and hard times are all erased. Back to blissful oblivion!

I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like with a visit from Will Smith & Co. I know what you’re thinking…I just want to be regaled with a live version of “Whip Your Hair.” Actually, I might include that very song in the “flashy thing” erasure. Anyway, after the momentary confusion, who would I be? Would I be a light-hearted free spirit? Would my cynical nature be replaced with a peaceful light from the inside, attracting even the most skittish of animals, a modern-day Cinderella? Would sarcasm be replaced with sugary sweet words of affection?

The truth is, I have no way of knowing who I might be without those experiences. And I really don’t want to know. Overcoming adversity is the quality that I most respect in others…having the strength to deal with my own “bad luck” has helped me appreciate myself. I can say that self-reflection didn’t happen often in my life during the easy times; through the rough times the self-analyzing has been fast and furious. And with the reflection comes the ability to be the person I WANT to be. Cinderella, eat your heart out!

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