Friday, January 14, 2011

House Hunting

So, as most of you know, we’re looking for a house. When I tell people, they always comment on how much FUN it is! I would argue that looking at houses is more like marriage. At first it is exciting…the experience is shiny and new. After about the 30th house, you begin to nitpick every little thing. You start to point out only the negative aspects of each house. “What is that paint color? Ugh!” “I can’t believe they used marble instead of granite in the kitchen!” With each house your criticism gets more and more enthusiastic. “OH MY GOSH, did you SEE the chrome faucets in the bathroom! What was the builder THINKING?!” You begin to miss the whole picture, the true beauty of the house you are standing in, the 99 amazing features out of 100.

Erik and I are coming up on seven years of marriage next month; I have noted the parallels. It is so, so easy to pick apart your partner as the years go on, to be annoyed by their one bad habit (or two), when in reality they are SO much more! In searching for the perfect house, we are searching for the one that best suits us in every way. Not the one that is the best-looking, or without any flaws, but the one that can meet our needs on a daily basis, the one that is the best long-term investment. When we find that house, we won’t let it go! Something for me to remember on the days that I’m only noticing the lack of a gas stove…or the dishes in the sink again. 

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